Why should you buy 'Sexual Wellness' products online?

Why should you buy ‘Sexual Wellness’ products online?

India is progressing at a rapid pace and we can see that technology is playing a major role in keeping us updated with the latest happenings around the world; be it about fashion, politics, etc. Even though our thoughts are ‘progressive’, discussion of one topic is still considered a taboo in our society. You guessed it right, it is SEX. You can easily recollect your professor being embarrassed when (s)he was teaching you the chapter on ‘Reproduction’. The internet is playing a ‘Cupid’ in making the Indian society more aware of sexual wellness, intimate products, sex toys, etc.

Buying intimate products is very difficult and you would never want to procure the same from a medical shop near you. The local chemist might not have a wide range of products in the sexual wellness category and you cannot expect discreetness from the chemist. The good part is that there is a huge market for the sexual wellness products in India and ‘online commerce’ is making sure that you get your favorite sex toy or vitalizer or any other product with ease. The sexual wellness industry is expected to grow to $52 Billion by the year 2020 and the growth is not only fueled by technology but the rising demand for products across different categories. The product range includes lubricants, massagers, adult toys, gels, sex power tablet, etc.

You would have always aspired to buy flavored condoms after watching those erotic advertisements on television but would have faced issues while communicating your requirement to the chemist 🙁 No matter whatever the flavor, you can buy your favorite flavored condoms online. The good part about buying sexual wellness products online is that you can find all those ‘fantasy products’ under one umbrella, without having to face any embarrassment.

Factors contributing to the meteoric rise of the Sexual Wellness Market

  • Growing awareness about ‘everything’ related to safe-sex and inter-personal relationships.
  • Changing attitude towards discussion of a topic like ‘Sex’, which was once considered a Taboo.
  • Landmark judgments like scrapping of section 377 by the Supreme Court which makes it easy for LGBT section to come out openly about their sexual preferences.
  • Convenience, privacy offered by the online stores.

Since there are more customers who are willing to try & use such products, the ‘sexual wellness sector’ is getting much needed attention from the investor community. The growing demand definitely indicates that there is a huge market and they want to avoid ‘Fear of Missing out (FOMO)’. Chemists like WellnessForever who have been in the business for many years and have a good amount of expertise & outreach via its offline sources, are now foraying in the online segment and offer 24*7 delivery for products purchased on their platform. Since they are aware of the importance of privacy while selling products like condoms, lubricants, etc.; they are well-equipped for the future since there is no learning curve involved.

Growing demand for sexual wellness products, increasing awareness and change in mindset is fueling the growth, making it an attractive business segment for consumers, entrepreneurs, and investors alike!

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